Faraday Defense

Meet Faraday Defense

Faraday Defense Corp is a U.S. based SAM certified materials company.

Cored in the production and distribution of conductive textiles, we provide

solutions for the protection of equipment and personnel from Electromagnetic

Field Radiation (EMF), Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio Frequency

Interference (RFI) and Static Discharge. Our products range in bulk rolled

textiles to finished solutions in the form of bags, cases and enclosures.

Products are Designed Exclusively for:

-Law Enforcement, Military, and Digital Forensics

-Anti-Tracking and Anti-Hacking

-EMP, CME and Solar Flare Protection

-Chain of Custody Protection

-Flexible Packaging for Healthcare

-Wireless Device Testing and Isolation

-Wave Guidance and Interference Regulation

We design our products to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients

globally. From sourcing the right CYBER fabrics to ensuring every seam is

stitched properly, Faraday Defense stands behind its products and ensures its

success in the marketplace.