Family Emergency Training

Colorado's Number One Emergency Training

Learn how to handle a crisis as a family with emergency training from Grey Wolf Protective Industries in Palisade, CO. We have a variety of courses, including family preparedness training and hand-to-hand combat, designed to help your family feel more secure in a variety of situations. This is useful knowledge that you, your spouse, and children can benefit from for years to come. Self-defense and medical first aid preparedness are important lifelong skills that can make all the difference in any emergency.

Put the protection of your pack in our hands when you sign on for family preparedness training. Our services are personalized and mobile. We travel to you because we think there’s something to be said about preparing for any situation where you’re more likely to experience an emergency than in an unfamiliar environment. We want you to be comfortable and know exactly what to do when you need to.

These training sessions are available for everyone in the family. Whether you see an immediate need for it or simply feel these would be great skills for your children to have, we customize our training to your family and travel to you so you can train together in the comfort of your home. Let us know what you expect from your training and what skills you would like to develop with our help. Contact Grey Wolf Protective Industries now!

Family emergency trainings include:

  • How to handle crisis situations training

  • Family preparedness training

  • Basic hand-to-hand combat and defense

  • Basic martial weapons training

  • Basic first aid and medical training