Weapons Maintenance

Colorado's Number One Emergency Training

While training with your firearm is important, weapons maintenance is just as needed to ensure your safety and the protection of those around you. With proper maintenance, you ensure that your weapon will function as it is designed to. Improper gun cleaning & maintenance can create little issues that make a big impact. Our team will train you about how to properly clean and maintain your gun in any of our course offerings.

Our team has more than 15 years of industry experience gathered by working as gunsmiths, military personnel, and security officers. We know what it takes to clean and maintain your gun, and we can show you how to do so from the comfort of your own environment. Our gun cleaning and maintenance courses are mobile and personalized, meaning we can travel anywhere in Western Colorado and the surrounding states to teach you, your family, or your team how to maintain your weapon and feel comfortable doing so.

Weapons training requires methodical patience and skill. We are with you every step of the way as you learn because we are passionate about firearm maintenance that can make all the difference for anyone who has the right to bear arms. Protect your pack and join Grey Wolf Protective Industries to acquire weapons maintenance training today.

Weapons maintenance training includes:

  • Gunsmithing

  • Gun cleaning

  • Maintenance

  • Gear fitting

  • Holster consultation

  • And more!