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Colorado's Number One Emergency Training

Owning a gun alone is not a guarantee for safety. Without proper training and knowledge, discomfort around guns can cause serious concerns for your safety and those around you. Avoid gun injuries or worse by joining the Grey Wolf Protective Industries pack. We offer a variety of courses, and we can travel to you to work in your comfort zone as you develop your skills. We also believe it’s important to feel prepared in the environment you’re most likely to experience an emergency.

Feeling comfortable with your firearm can increase your chances for reducing risks and minimizing damage. From keeping your muzzle pointed away from anything you don’t want to destroy to finding the trigger at a moment’s notice when you need to, we have training courses for individuals, families and groups to promote gun safety. We are a team of professionals with backgrounds in the military, gun smithing, and security services, who have more than 15 years of experience and are passionate about protection.

Let our pack come to yours to provide you with personalized gun and safety training that can make all the difference. We are based in Northern Colorado, service the entire Western slope, and surrounding states. Contact Grey Wolf Protective Industries today.

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