Grey Wolf Security

If you are in need of Security, Grey Wolf has you covered with highly skilled, highly trained and highly motivated personnel that can operate in any capacity that you need filled. We have over 10 years of military, security and law enforcement experience under our belts and are eager to provide you with the highest quality and highest trained security officers that Grand Junction has to offer.

Security Services

VIP Security

If you are in need of VIP Security, Diplomat Security, Executive Protection or something similar We have a specialized team of Security Professionals that can perform under any circumstances and can operate in any necessary capacity that may be needed. Armed, unarmed, covert or overt operations are all within our capabilties and you will be provided 100% customized service with some of the most highly trained individuals our company has to offer. If you want to learn more please contact Micah Galvan at 970-424-0615.

Event Security

Need security for an event? We can do armed and unarmed event security. Each contract is unique to your needs and is 100% custimizable. We hire and train only highly qualified and highly passionate people in order to give you the best service offered anywhere in the Grand Junction area. For more information please call Micah Galvan at 970-424-0615

Building/site security

If you or your business are in need of having your building or property secured then we here at Grey Wolf Security can provide you with a 100% customizable service that meets all your needs for the best price possible. We understand that the world is becoming a more dangerous place and we aim to provide all of our clients with the most adaptive security service avaliable in Mesa County. Weather it be on site security, perimiter checks, or occasional door checks throughout the night, Grey Wolf will have you sleeping soundly at night knowing that your business or property is safe and secure, no matter the time or the place. If you have any questions regarding this service please contact Micah Galvan at 970-424-0615

Custom Security Service

None of the above sections fit the bill for what you need? Don't worry, We can set up a consultation and build something that is specific to your unique needs. Please contact Micah Galvan at 970-424-6015 to set up a consultation meeting so we can best serve you and provide the best possible security service avaliable in the Mesa County area.